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Erannorth is a Choose your own Adventure / RPG / Online Browser Game, that takes place in a vast open ended world. Your character not only chooses how the adventure will turn out, but also which adventures they will play in the first place. Not only Erannorth uses a cutting edge choose your story engine, that includes every feature you have seen in the genre and much more, but also a unique and versatile “classless” RPG system, with hundreds of Equipment, Spells and Tactics to choose from distributed among 5 distinctive Paths.

Furthermore Erannorth can be played through most modern web browsers, in any operating system, desktops, laptops, tablets and phones with big screens. It is also iPad optimized, meaning you can pin Erannorth to your home screen, and enjoy it in full screen mode, as if it was a native app.

Additionally it includes multiplayer interactions like a Hall of Fame and Experimental PVP with much more planned to come.

Did I mention that currently Erannorth it’s truly free to play? Seriously!

Even if you wanted to pay us money for the hundreds hours of development and to support the game you can’t 😛

But you can still help us just by playing the game. Having fun. And letting us know if you have any ideas for improvements or if you encountered any bugs.

Since this is the Early Access of the game there is still a lot of flexibility for changes and improvements.

With your active participation you can shape Erannorth into the game you’d love to play every day.

Erannorth had been in Closed Early Access Testing since 1st of March, and during this month we received a lot of precious feedback, balanced a lot of things and fixed many nasty bugs. And now on the road for the open beta we’ll be moving in to adding more content, confident that the majority of bugs and balance issues have been resolved. This practically means even more stories and adventures for you to play and experience.

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So if you have been following Erannorth’s development progress you might wonder what we’ve been up to last week.

Let me give you a few highlights

  1. All the Monsters & NPCs you fight in stories now have artwork.
  2. Furthermore you can collect their cards, and see them all in your Trophy Collection.
  3. PvE (and soon PVP) yield Glory Points
  4. The Hall of Fame have been redesigned and you can now view it by Fame, Glory or Power
  5. All the PC portraits have new artwork and more options have been added
  6. PVP is almost ready. Current Emulation mode now displays how much Glory, Gold & XP you would earn if the fight was for real.
  7. You can now redeem special codes in the Profile Menu to earn cool rewards, to try it out you can click your Portrait -> Redeem Code, and type in all caps GOLD5000 that will give you 5000 gold. Furthermore this code will be re-useable during Early Access each time you reincarnate 😉

Erannorth – Hall of Fame

There are much more fixes, improvements and new functionality but you can read them in the changelog in detail.

If you are one of the early access players, I would highly recommend to clear your cache & reset your character to fully enjoy the new changes 😉

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If you are not and want to join the Early Access of Erannorth: The Unfinished Tales here are some registration keys you can use:

  • Key 1: LVld9Q/l8NhAXhtMbsETIJwMSnQ=
  • Key 2: pJxZc/WrvzG34d/U6XBf6iZjIEQ=
  • Key 3: yFebaqwqyIdqUjLNX81JT33PasE=
  • Key 4: qwbu7Sz4XoP3g2WPRkqQ9Z0ovIQ=
  • Key 5: L6ysHH8GLcncufqfks0arf2nay8=
  • Key 6: vW7hJ/i0QWf/nBAuncXHZEdOZic=
  • Key 7: HTpwLXlQbIehkJ3d4krUqqD1Pwg=
  • Key 8: XtIjTDbKQLOEi1zjrPkDS5ZijaM=
  • Key 9: rlzzZNlaNjjRrOXSSca8RnqGwW0=
  • Key 10: +/zjzr1WiAegPSLT8TA3b7hAdF4=
  • Key 11: fWSqh2kc4vrRUbQAszkt4g5ZSlc=
  • Key 12: CNNgd7ylcDNqnwl8f0YrRJPhcjo=
  • Key 13: /ZQGnQ9LT4rwGmrmvfw1PdC+R3o=
  • Key 14: 1eby14GPIVAHOGkhnENDIvJPPBg=
  • Key 15: eszVOPfnwFhB6pUQW80Mvf1Dj4Y=

As I mentioned at 1st of June, we’ll be performing a server reset and opening our gates to the public for the Open Beta Testing.

So why join the Early Access Period?

Glad you asked! As a thank you for everyone who has participated to the closed testing so far, and those who are yet to join we offer some exclusive rewards.

During the Early Access period, all currently registered and new players of Erannorth will receive the Early Adopter Achievement, which comes with the following rewards:

  •  500 Crystals
  •  2x Treasure Chests
  •  2x Upgrade Chests
  •  1x Equipment Chests

This special achievement won’t be lost when you reincarnate (reset) your character, thus you can begin each new play-through having these perks again and again.

When we Reset the Server before the Public Beta all progress,items,crystals achievements,fame etc. will be lost.

But all Early Access players will keep their acquired VIP status and Early Adopter Achievement, enabling them to access this special rewards once more.

Currently and during the public Beta, the only way to increase your VIP status is by using the Crystals you find in-game through the various story and progress rewards.

So each time you reincarnate (start over) you get to keep the VIP status you attained this far.

Reincarnating your character for free & as many times as you like is also an exclusive Early Access feature.

This means that dedicated players might be able to reach up to VIP 10, and keep this status permanently without paying a single dime only during the Early Access period. And trust me when I am telling you that each VIP level will definitely worth the play hours spend to acquire it 😉

Additionally here is a fun challenge for all the Early Access players.

Anyone who will manage to increase their VIP status above 4+, instead of the Early Adopter Achievement, they will start the open Beta with the “Erannorth Veteran” Achievement. This achievement comes with these increased rewards:

  • 3000 Crystals
  • 4x Treasure Chests
  • 4x Upgrade Chests
  • 2x Equipment Chests

To help you increase your VIP status faster we are also offering 1000 Crystals to anyone who will give us some valuable feedback and their first impressions on Erannorth in the Game forum.

So as you can see participating in the Early Access will give you a lot of perks and unique advantages over the players who will simply join in the Open Beta.

By the time PVP is out of the Experimental Mode you will be a force to be reckoned with!

And even if you don’t like PVP, you will still be far ahead of the ferocious monsters and powerful villains that lurk in the dark dungeons and corners of Erannorth…

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Support the first 100% free RPG on Patreon!