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Erannorth is a free to play text-based RPG Game that takes place in the vast continent of Elos.

Our vision was that of a world, that constantly grows and evolves with new stories, adventures and mechanics.

To build your character exactly as you like, using a deep, yet easy to understand classless system.

To equip your character with a vast arsenal of weapons, spells and tactics.

To explore cities, dungeons, sewers and uncover mysteries and lost treasures.

To interact with hundreds of NPCs and make new friends and enemies.

To discover a huge world that as you play adapts to your style.

Erannorth – Card Collection Erannorth – Cards Collection Erannorth – Choosing a Portrait

You want to destroy your opponents with Magic? You can do that.

You want to crush their skulls with a two-handed axe? Yup. Go ahead.

You want to outsmart them and kill them from the shadows. We have you covered.

You want to raise an undead army? Be an immortal vampire? A hero in a shiny armor?

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The possibilities are truly endless in Erannorth.

The choice of who and what you are, and how you evolve is ultimately yours…

You can play mini adventures to improve your skills, attributes and paths, as well as unlock more deep stories and storylines that will remind you of your pen and paper adventures.

Erannorth – Inventory Erannorth – Profile & Rewards Erannorth – Ragdoll and Overview Erannorth – Story Interface

We wanted to build a game, that we ourselves would enjoy to play, removing all the aspects we personally disliked in Free to Play Games. Like for instance the Pay to Play concept that more and more developers sadly embrace lately.

You can literally play 24/7 Erannorth, and not pay us a single cent. All of game resources Hit Points, Actions Points and Combat Points can be refilled with the currency you find in-game and in major quantities.

Of course, we still need your support to keep the game running. So we added several items and subscription levels that are not necessary to enjoy the game but you will still find beneficial to have. You can also donate in the game page below to support the development of new features and hiring more talented story-writers.

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Support the first 100% free RPG on Patreon!