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Erannorth at it’s core is a free to play, open ended RPG game that plays out as a Choose your own Adventure game. You don’t see the 3D worlds, but instead experience them through the pages of an endless book. You and your choices determine and decide how the story will unfold.

Pretty old concept right?

Yes and No. Breaking down the games of the genre, you will find Gamebooks that last for like 2 maybe maximum 8 hours. Then inevitably they will end, and that’s it. Your character is lost into oblivion. And you get back to playing Skyrim. 😛

Maybe if you are lucky there will be a sequel just long enough to distract you again for a couple of hours. And then it ends. Again. Probably by that time you have forgot who your character really was, so a new run from the beginning is always a must 😉

On the other side of the spectrum there are games that let you experience many stories but through the point of view of many different characters. You don’t have any control of who is your character, and there is no continuum. Each story is different. Each character you play unique but never fully developed enough for you to care.

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Unfinished Tales takes Choose your own story games further and place you to a huge world full of stories and adventures to experience. You not only choose how you will play the stories but also which stories you will play. And the best part? Every single one of them can be played through the POV of a single character. YOU.

Every choice and decision you make shapes and affects not only the success of your future choices and adventures but also which adventures and plot lines you will end up playing.

Combine that with a robust RPG system featuring 5 distinctive playing styles, hundreds of spells and tactics, personality traits, equipment and achievements. And you have Erannorth: The Unfinished Tales.

A load of great features have implemented in Erranorth the past week, thanks to your valuable feedback. Here is a sneak peak of the latest features.

  • You can now gather Fame and become a legend in the new Hall of Fame
  • You can hone your combat skills and try new tactics by fighting with other players in the Experimental PvP mode
  • You can now refer other users and earn Gold & Crystals. They simply have to add your username in the referral field when they register.
  • We have introduced over a dozen different backgrounds to choose for your character through an improved tutorial story. Each providing unique bonus and variety to your character
  • We have introduced over a dozen of new skills that you can now use both in stories and through the town menu. Including skills to gather raw materials for the upcoming crafting upgrade.
  • The inventory code have been greatly optimized and the game performs way faster even when handling huge inventories.
  • Paths have become even more important, as now you receive significant penalties when using weapons and spells that doesn’t belong in one of the paths you are trained, and significant bonuses when you use weapons and talents of your trained paths.
  • The manual have been brought up to date and now includes details of all the latest additions and updates.
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One other very important change is that now each serial key is unique and is associated with your account. As such none else can use this key to register in the game.

Currently Erannorth is in closed alpha testing. As we are heading fast for our beta phase during March and April we are accepting a small number of players to join the game and test it out. The game is fully functional, with most of the final features implemented. There a few stories to try out the game engine, a bounty board you can do PvE and the hall of fame you can try out how PvP will work out, generally a lot of content to help us test the balance of things and get some feedback and bug reports.

If you are interested to participate during the alpha testing you can use one of the following keys:

  • Key 1: vu6GZvcPYQ2nlsf6x0ZGfZbULKU=
  • Key 2: /A1834LxCBEC8EUigEThBK8KP6U=
  • Key 3: gYQf3y0R56fui/GK5Gva2/cMdUQ=
  • Key 4: BJdcOMxu1R3n4J8ZqMQsNJe5UwU=
  • Key 5: XXAz7/9ndtgQsywAYv/bpJjIsd8=
  • Key 6: 2ZLYB/QPwpQZQG8ArBaC9Jqu6Kk=
  • Key 7: 8h6PuXRJfs465cCgE4Up2AenaGE=
  • Key 8: aP0qLtAIsq3ES3K+u9iNAeMWNYw=
  • Key 9: t559Iz41+GtzF3sLP0TXUe9cKys=
  • Key 10: fPf5de3t/3H/WXRN/x97wDaDDSM=
  • Key 11: tSeu47Ii7hHudZqShkZZyB+4tSo=
  • Key 12: yVb+SeOPyS/9ZOVeY4fr2mjKhCI=
  • Key 13: fxVrpMOui01gYwIWRH4dhLQMb0o=
  • Key 14: 1efWgaWvUEsj3EySb/eY13Xw3KY=
  • Key 15: tiV2YSqifheH3Es5kpdm81NgZLs=
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Remember the key will expire as soon as anyone use it to create a character! So first come, first served 😉

As always you can check the full changelogs here and  you can read Erannorth detailed FAQ here.

See you in Erannorth!


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