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Erannorth is a free to play text-based RPG Game that takes place in the vast continent of Elos.

Explore the mysterious world of Erannorth and unveil its mysteries. Face powerful opponents, challenges, intriguing adventures and quests.

Will you play a stealthy rogue or a mighty warrior, a powerful magician or a divine healer? Will you be respected as a great hero or fall to the dark side and become a terrifying villain?

The possibilities are endless in Erannorth and the choice is always yours.

Not only Erannorth uses a cutting edge choose your story engine, that includes every feature you have seen in the genre and much more, but also a unique and versatile “classless” RPG system, with hundreds of Equipment, Spells and Tactics to choose from distributed among 5 distinctive Paths.

Furthermore Erannorth can be played through most modern web browsers, in any operating system, desktops, laptops, tablets and phones with big screens. It is also iPad optimized, meaning you can pin Erannorth to your home screen, and enjoy it in full screen mode, as if it was a native app.

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Since this is the Early Access of the game there is still a lot of flexibility for changes and improvements.

With your active participation you can shape Erannorth into the game you’d love to play every day.

Erannorth had been in Closed Early Access Testing since 1st of March, and during this month we received a lot of precious feedback, balanced a lot of things and fixed many nasty bugs. And now on the road for the open beta we’ll be moving in to adding more content, confident that the majority of bugs and balance issues have been resolved.

So if you have been following Erannorth’s development progress you might wonder what we’ve been up to last week.

Let me give you a few highlights:

  1. We added even more PC Portraits and Enemies. There are now 39 Male & 39 Female Portraits, and over 110 New and Unique Monsters and Enemies to fight
  2. You can collect and exchange Enemies Cards, when you complete their sets for various rewards.
  3. PvP is fully implemented. Fight other players and gain Glory, Gold and Experience.
  4. AP/CP/HP now recharge ~40% faster!
  5. Misc improvements in UI. Inventory view has been expanded, Ragdoll changes according your gender, portraitless people are automatically assigned a portrait suitable for their gender and more…
  6. Combat output has been improved, and you can now click the creature card to reveal their stat blocks…
  7. Implemented an in-game messaging system, and added indicators to show you when you have unclaimed messages and rewards.
  8. There is a new preference menu which allows you to change the combat difficulty and disable or enable the tutorial hints. I made a separate video for that…
  9. The merchants not only show you more merchandise, but it is also filtered to better match your build.
  10. Bounty Board now utilizes dynamic encounter sets, that gives a random selection of handpicked opponents. Even the same bounty might now surprise you…

There are much more fixes, improvements and new functionality but as always you can read them in the changelog in detail.

Last but not least, as promised, here are a few more Early Access keys for our dedicated readers:

  • Key 1: bskW/5fVK1lBxuLQn/EiZRihP+E=
  • Key 2: JD9WDtY1ixsWit7Lca8kmIJk6/I=
  • Key 3: 9AGk6k8bTt1nyNQ5WWWk0hQ2nDk=
  • Key 4: jE14BUdur7855ljQadWoFOSOFao=
  • Key 5: mHnBa06aoD9nQiWTO4StvPsMeXw=
  • Key 6: +UKYjOmaMdZHledsb+v0y2yd9dw=
  • Key 7: lCRzhnpQ+i9krIVITcs1Pb7DUZQ=
  • Key 8: f/8NDQ0vC7Jlro8qhQaY8u/oX2Y=
  • Key 9: 6ZnXATiCaPrjBezb7WdW31ED3bs=

See you in Erannorth

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