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There are great choose your own adventure games and Gamebooks out there.

Some are more complex than others and remind us of the old school pen and paper RPGs, others are much simpler and focus only in the story.

They all have something common though. The story ends. Fast.

4 hours later all you can do is replay the story with a different path and eagerly wait for the next part.

Most of the times that part never comes. Or they ask you to pay even more money just to experience the next chapter. And the character you worked so hard to develop is lost into oblivion.

Erannorth: The Unfinished Tales comes in to fill in the gap.

Imagine an open ended world. Where you create your character and instead of play a single story with them, you can choose among hundreds of stories to play.

The stories change but your character is always there. At least till you decide to reset your progress and start over.

With every story you play, you further develop their strengths, weaknesses, combat skills, equipment, personality and relationships with the various characters and factions they meet.

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So if you asked me what type of game Unfinished tales is I would tell you a Free to Play, Web Browser MMORPG that in the most part plays out as a Choose your own Adventure game.

You don’t see the 3D worlds, but instead you imagine them as they come in life through words and narration.

On the other hand you have a vast selection of equipment to choose from, 5 different combat paths with unique weapons, spells & tactics each. And a leveling up system that makes your character stronger. Future versions will also include PVP, leaderboards and Guilds…

Combat is played out tactical and not in real time. You decide the spells and tactics your character will use, and in which order. Your strategy, equipment and tactics determine the combat outcome. And of course at any point through a story you can change your equipment or tactics.

You can find new spells and equipment as story rewards or buy them from the various stores spread out in the world map.

Each location in the world map, has unique stores and of course unique stories to experience, so every player has a different and unique experience.

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Here are a few screenshots from v0.45.3

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Currently the game is in closed alpha testing.

So if you are interested in the development progress and want to join the alpha testing subscribe in this list.

We’ll send you a serial key to check out the game, as soon as we have more spots for alpha testers.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below. I would love to tell you more about Erannorth: The Unfinished Tales!

If you always wanted to write stories and play them you are welcome to contact me. We’ll need a lot of stories and writers 😉



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