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Business Plan Template m2 for Indesign CS4 or Later

Professional & clean template with exactly everything you need to create a successful business plan. All the sections, tables and even the space allocation was created having in mind realistic and real life business plans. Furthermore it was created with ease of use in mind and it includes master pages, paragraph and character styles, global swatches & editable vector charts.


  • Executive Summary
  • Company Summary
  • Products & Services
  • Market Analysis Summary
  • Strategy Summary
  • Implementation Summary
  • Web Plan Summary
  • Management Summary
  • Financial Plan

Example Tables

  • Start Up Requirements
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales Forecast
  • Milestones
  • Personnel Plan
  • Start Up Funding
  • Use of Funds
  • General Assumptions
  • Break Even Analysis
  • Pro Forma Profit & Loss
  • Pro Forma Cash Flow
  • Pro Forma Balance Sheet
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And more….

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Hi Res Screenshots

Business Plan Template – A4 Landscape2 Business Plan Template – A4 Landscape3 Business Plan Template – A4 Landscape4 Business Plan Template – A4 Landscape5 Business Plan Template – A4 Landscape7 Business Plan Template – A4 Landscape9 Business Plan Template – A4 Landscape12 Business Plan Template – A4 Landscape13 Business Plan Template – A4 Landscape14 Business Plan Template – A4 Landscape16 Business Plan Template – A4 Landscape17 Business Plan Template – A4 Landscape18 Business Plan Template – A4 Landscape20 Business Plan Template – A4 Landscape21 Business Plan Template – A4 Landscape23 Business Plan Template – A4 Landscape26 Business Plan Template – A4 Landscape28 Business Plan Template – A4 Landscape30 Business Plan Template – A4 Landscape33 Business Plan Template – A4 Landscape34 Business Plan Template – A4 Landscape36 Business Plan Template – A4 Landscape39 Business Plan Template – A4 Landscape42 Business Plan Template – A4 Landscape43 Business Plan Template – A4 Landscape44

Business Plan Template m2 - A4 Landscape - Proposals & Invoices Stationery



  • A4 Landscape // CMYK
  • Print Ready with 1/8 inches Bleed
  • 42 Pages + Cover Design
  • Minimal Clean Design
  • Sections, tables and space allocation are based on real business plans
  • Plenty of white-space to print it in your home printer
  • Grid System 6×8
  • Free Fonts Used

Master Pages

Quickly make changes to the layout of each section, by editing the appropriate Master Pages. You don’t like where the page numbering is? Or the repeated page elements? Simply change the master page & the changes will affect all pages of that section.

Paragraph & Character Styles

The included character & paragraph styles help you define the formatting attributes that will be applied to the various text elements of the business plan. If for example you want to change the color or size or font of the titles, simply adjust the appropriate paragraph style and all other titles that share this paragraph style will get updated automatically document wide.

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Global Swatches

Change the entire color scheme but simply changing the 2 main colors to the ones you like without having any object selected!

Table of Contents

The table of contents can be generated automatically, and then get easily formatted with the included paragraph or character styles. To automatically update the table of contents if you made any changes to the section or subsection titles follow these steps:

  1. Change the section or subsection title .ie 2.2 Start-up Summary (or Company History)
  2. Select the “Contents” text frame
  3. From the Layout menu choose “Update Layout Contents”
  4. Anything with the paragraph style of “Will Appear on Table of Contents” will automatically be added to Table of Contents

Editable vector charts

All included charts are editable vectors. You can adapt/customize them to your needs or replace them with your own.


  • 1x .INDD files (compatible with Adobe InDesign CC)
  • 1x .IDML files (compatible with Adobe InDesign CS4)
  • 1x .PDF files (for preview)
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Fonts Used

Mockups are not included & are used for preview purposes only.

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