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Wedding Photobook Template for Indesign CS4 or Later

Wedding Photobook Template for Indesign CS4 or Later. Just drag & drop your images and the included object styles will take care of the rest 😉 Includes a beautiful dark wood background.

Why not Photoshop??

I know that as a photographer you probably love Photoshop and wonder why on earth will someone make the Photobook in Indesign. Here are some quick reasons:

  • You will save tremendous hard drive space in the long run. Indesign Photobooks are 5-10 smaller in size than your average Photoshop Photobook. Since images are linked externally and everything else are vector graphics.
  • Your workflow is faster. You can create frames with the rectangle tool and simply drop your photos there. No masking, no smart objects and no hassle!
  • Your computer performs faster. Dropping a photo to an Indesign placeholder takes a few seconds. Opening and updating a smart object in a Photoshop Photobook might take over a minute for every photo!!! Not to mention how long it takes to initially open the Photobook!
  • You can change your color scheme in seconds. You basically edit the color swatches you’ve been using, and all the objects in your document using this swatch update to the new color auto-magically!
  • Easy access to the entire photobook. Want to see the next spread? Simply scroll down. No more layer comps, or worse using a different file for each spread. Want to copy-paste elements in another spread? Simply copy + paste in place and you are done.
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Wedding Photobook Template 20x20cm Wedding Photobook Template 20×20 4Wedding Photobook Template 20×20 3 Wedding Photobook Template 20×20 5



  • 20x20cm
  • CMYK & Print Ready with 0.3cm Bleed
  • Modern & Playful Design
  • 24 pages + Cover Design
  • Master Page to quickly change the background image
  • Object Styles to quickly change the picture frames & more
  • Paragraph & Character Styles in case you want to use text 😉
  • Global Swatches to quickly change the color scheme


  • 1x .INDD files (compatible with Adobe InDesign CC)
  • 1x .IDML files (compatible with Adobe InDesign CS4)
  • 1x .PDF files for preview
  • 1x .JPG Dark Wood Background

Fonts Used

  • Pacifico, Open Sans. Both can be downloaded for free from
  • Feel free to use your own fonts, or no text at all 😉
  • To change any of the included fonts use Type-Find Fonts & replace to the font of your choice, make sure “Redefine Style when Changing All” is checked.

Mockups & the wedding photos are not included and are used for preview purposes only

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Buy this Template for 14$ in Creative Market

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