Hi folks! Christmas came early this year in Design Haven and as a gift to all our subscribers, we are giving away this awesome DIY Weekly Organizer/Agenda template. You can print and use it right away, following the instructions below. Get organized today and see your productivity the upcoming weeks skyrocketing!

To get your free agenda/organizer, simply subscribe for our newsletter. You will also have to confirm your subscription as you get the download link for the printable .pdf in the “Design Haven: Subscription Confirmed” email that welcomes you to our website community.

The printable PDF file contains 56 A4 pages (3 unique) and is optimized for printing in Duplex mode (front and back), meaning that you will end up printing 28 A4 sheets.

NOTE: If you’d like to customize this planner or use it in your company as a marketing collateral, you can buy the complete Indesign Template. In addition to the weekly agenda, the full template is fully editable in Indesign, is optimized to print at a commercial printer and includes monthly & yearly planners. It also has monthly 2016 Calendar and other bells & whistles. You can read more about it here -> DIY Agenda / Calendar / Planner Template for 2016 – A5.

printable diy weekly agenda organizer template – 3 pages

The resulting agenda though is A5 Landscape in size, will be 56 pages long and year agnostic. Meaning that you can keep using the same template year after year till you get bored of it, or find something better. The downside is that every week you’d have to write 7 numbers and the month name on the blanks, or fill them all in one pass after you assemble the agenda.


Daily Routine / Habit Tracker with check boxes for every day of the week. In this section you can write the things you do more than once every week. For example if you exercise on Monday, Wednesday and Friday you can write it in this field. You can then use the check boxes either as a reminder or as a completion tracker. This field is also very helpful when developing a new habit or trying to stop a bad one. You can check a box every day that you did the new habit you are trying to develop, or didn’t do the one you want to stop.

My weekly goals. In this section you can write your goals, or projects you need to complete this week. You can also specify a category, and mark them completed by ticking their check box.

Custom lists. These are 3 empty lists you can re-purpose as you like every week, it can be your weekly supermarket shopping, the books you want to read, movies you want to see etc.

Daily Tasks/Events. Finally for every day of the week there are 8 slots for tasks and events. In the fields you write your most important tasks and appointments. You can include the time or priority of the task, its description and its context.


The agenda is very easy to assemble. Especially if your printer is equipped with duplex print mode. If not you will have to first print the odd pages, and then turn the paper on the other side and print the even pages. Aside the printer you will also need:

Either way make sure to check out the photo instructions and understand them before you try to assemble the agenda, to avoid wasting precious ink 😉

Instructions to Assemble the DIY agenda organizer (5)

Fold all the pages in the middle as shown in this photo.

Instructions to Assemble the DIY agenda organizer (9)

Leave the cover aside and stack the folded pages on top of each other like the photo.

Instructions to Assemble the DIY agenda organizer (4)

Open the cover and put all the folded papers inside it like shown in the photo

Instructions to Assemble the DIY agenda organizer (8)

Use your trusted stapler to staple your new agenda on the left side. Ignore the pages you can’t open completely and check that the agenda has indeed assembled properly (as shown in the featured image of this article.

Instructions to Assemble the DIY agenda organizer (2)

Cut the folds carefully with your paper knife to release all the pages. Paper knives are extremely sharp instruments and you can easily get cut if you don’t handle them properly.

Instructions to Assemble the DIY agenda organizer (3)

Enjoy using your new agenda, and get more organized and productive!

And that was it! Your new agenda is now ready to serve, and the best part is that you don’t even have to wait for the new year to start using it 😉

If you have any questions or you subscribed (and confirmed your subscription) to our website and haven’t received your free .pdf agenda drop me an email and let me know 😉

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